Reduce your carbon footprint by trying out these five amazing farm-to-table restaurants during your stay in the Napa Valley region! Our valley is known for its rich agricultural heritage, and eating with sustainability in mind means you can have the best culinary experience without all the harm to the environment. Not only is it good for the earth, but it means you’ll get a healthier, more nutritious meal for wherever your adventures take you. Read on for some excellent dining options!
A farmer stands facing the horizon, holding leafy green vegetables in his hand.

  • Calistoga Inn Restaurant, & Brewery—Outdoor seating, Napa River views, and mouth-watering micro-brews await you at this farm-to-table restaurant. Enjoy live music from May through October, and savor the fresh entrees such as the Seafood Fettuccine or the Country Paella.
  • Farmstead at Longmeadow Ranch—American Farmhouse Cuisine takes center stage at this St. Helena restaurant that derives its dishes from their local ranch. You can also tour their wine cave, sample their estate-grown wines, and shop at the general store. They also host a farmer’s market from November through April.
  • Bottega—Make your way to Yountville for this unique farm-to-table experience that offers outdoor seating (with stone fireplaces for even the coolest of evenings). Celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello infuses his Italian roots into every dish and offers exquisite flavors than can only come from the local ingredients they source.
  • Oxbow Public Market—This restaurant plus farmer’s market in the town of Napa is one-of-a-kind. Enjoy dining at one of several farm-to-table restaurants, or browse the many vendors offering their organic, sustainably grown produce.
  • All Seasons Bistro—Right here in Calistoga, the All Seasons Bistro offers seasonal fare inspired by local harvests and brought to you in a cozy, romantic atmosphere just down the street from our inns! Try their Scallop & Prawn Risotto or sip on one of their delectable wines from Napa Valley or around the world.

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We share the same concern for the environment at the Wine Way Inn and Craftsman Inns. We source our ingredients locally whenever possible and grow as much as we can in the garden on our grounds and our plot at the community garden nearby. What we can’t get from our own gardens, we source from heirloom vendors at the local farmers market. So you’ll always know you’re getting the very best ingredients, picked at the peak of their growth cycle. Book a room today and enjoy exquisite food at our inns and the greater Napa Valley area!

A plate of fresh, colorful vegetables on a table.