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The Napa Valley Film Festival 2019

The Best of the Best Come to Town A dark theater with bold, red velvet seats.

We love to pair wine with our favorite activities, so what better way to enjoy wine than with your favorite food and a movie? The Napa Valley Film Festival is in its ninth year of celebrating creativity through the art of wine, food, and film. This merging of craftsmanship brings the very best of the best to the Napa Valley region. Our favorite vintners will offer their best wines, chefs will offer cooking demonstrations along with their exquisite food, and independent filmmakers will present their latest work to audiences.

The festival is put on by Cinema Napa Valley, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “celebrate the cinematic arts and enrich the community by presenting an annual world-class festival and year-round education and outreach programs”. This year there will be up to 100 new films showcased in Napa Valley. The awards offered include best narrative, best documentary, best ensemble cast, best screenplay, and many more. Although many of the awards are based on a jury decision, many others are up to audiences to decide. So don’t miss a chance to rub elbows with famous actors, directors, chefs, and vintners at this spectacular event and see why folks keep coming back year after year!

Event Information

A exquisite table setting with carefully folded napkins and rows of wine glasses.

The event is based on a pass system. A “flex” pass ($125) will give you access to film screenings and wine intermissions. A “festival” pass ($225-$295) adds onto the flex pass with culinary demonstrations. And a “pass plus” ($575-$695) will give you access to both the flex and festival pass offerings as well as priority access in line and invitations to both the Festival Gala and the Friday Night Bash. If you buy the 5-day pass plus ($695) you will also be able to attend the celebrity tributes and the opening night party.

For an exclusive VIP experience, join the “Patron Circle” which gives you a year-long membership supporting the outreach programs and offers special amenities during the festival, such as an intimate cocktail hour with film directors or a sit-down dinner with Celebrity Tribute honorees.

Same-day screening tickets are also available but are only offered if there are remaining seats after all pass holders have entered the screening.

See why this is one of the most anticipated yearly festivals in Napa Valley, and let us give you the celebrity treatment with our luxurious rooms and gourmet breakfast. After the hustle and bustle, you’ll want a serene place to come back to rest and recharge. Book now because we fill up for quickly for this event!


Things To Do In Calistoga: Old Faithful Geyser of California

Spend a Day in Calistoga

Did you know California’s famous geyser can also help predict earthquakes? If you’re looking for things to do in Calistoga, look no further than California’s own Old Faithful Geyser. This geyser gets its name from how often it erupts—about every 30-40 minutes. Guests can visit this scenic natural wonder 365 days a year and enjoy several other attractions offered at the site. Whether you want a full day of fun or just something to do between wine tastings, Old Faithful Geyser of California has you covered!

The GeyserOld Faithful Geyser of California is spraying into the air under a bright blue sky, surrounded by grass, trees, and mountains in the distance.

This unique geological feature gets its name from how reliable it is—it consistently offers sprays reaching up to 80 feet in height, lasting 2-6 minutes each. Fueled by underground heat, pressure, and water, the geyser finally erupts when the heat below the surface boils the colder groundwater and forces it out of the earth in a hot, steamy spray. Part of what makes this particular geyser so fascinating is that scientists have found that it can also help predict earthquakes. When the frequency of the sprays lessens, there is a good chance that an earthquake is impending–anywhere from two days to two weeks away. This sets it apart from other geysers such as the famed Yellowstone Park geyser, whose sprays typically change after a seismic event. The site features plenty of seating at a safe distance from the hot liquid so you can marvel at the show in comfort.

The Animal Farm

This area of the site is home to lots of furry critters. From guard llamas to Tennessee fainting goats to Jacob’s Four-Horn Sheep, you’re bound to make a friend among these delightful creatures.

The Gardens

This is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Lush with native plants and a natural mineral water fountain, this serene garden showcases the beauty of the Palisade Mountain Range and Robert Louis Stevenson State Park just beyond the gardens.

Picnics and Bocce

Pack a picnic lunch or buy some light snacks and drinks at the gift shop to make a day of it. The picnic tables and bocce area are a fairly new addition to the grounds and have been delighting guests ever since.

Geology Museum

There’s nothing like hands-on learning, and this museum will turn you into a geyser expert in no time. Learn the mechanics of a geyser, the influence of earthquakes and volcanos, as well as the history of the people in the region.

Gift Shop

Don’t leave without a souvenir or two! The gift shop focuses on local products, including local food for your picnic and items that showcase the uniqueness of wine country. You won’t have a hard time finding just the right thing to bring home for you or a loved one.

Information for Visiting

Old Faithful Geyser is open year-round and is located at 1299 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga, CA 94515. Check their website for seasonal hours and admission prices. At just 2.5 miles from the Wine Way Inn and Craftsman Inn, it’s an easy way to pack your day full of delights and thrills. Book a room today!

Best Ways to Explore Napa Valley on Bike

Discover the beauty of Napa Valley by hopping on a bicycle and hitting the open road. Whether you never leave home without your own bike, or you need to rent one, we’ve got you covered with this list of ideas to explore and places that will support your ride.

The crown jewel of cycling in Napa Valley is the Napa Valley Vine Trail. It’s an expansive project undertaken by the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition, aiming to connect all of Napa Valley from Calistoga to Vallejo. Right now it has 12.5 completed miles of trail, but 47 miles are planned or are currently under construction. Although the trail does not connect directly to local wineries, there are some that are quite close (within a mile or so) that require a short ride on roads with bike lanes or wide shoulders. This trail is a great way to cover a lot of ground, poke around valley towns, and see many gorgeous vistas along the way.

A cyclist is on a paved road that winds along the countryside. Light, evening clouds dot the landscape.

If you’d prefer the guided approach, Napa Valley Bike Tours is just the ticket. They can set you up with a bike rental and offer guided tours through the valley for all different ability levels. They also provide a comprehensive map of the area to guide your plans. If you’re an experienced cyclist looking for a challenge, they have suggested routes that are sure to get your blood pumping. If you’re less experienced or would rather take things slow, they have casual routes that provide a more leisurely pace. Consider renting an e-bike to cover more ground with less effort (and sweat!). Napa Valley Bike Tours has a wide selection of choices for whatever journey you’re hoping to take.

Calistoga Bike Shop offers a unique experience if you’re looking to include wine tastings in your day. You can choose between bringing a guide along with you to carry your stuff so you get to just pedal and enjoy the ride; or you can opt for a self-guided tour that still takes a lot of the hassle out of planning, because they will cover your tasting fees and will pick up any wine you buy so you won’t have to bike it back with you. Calistoga Bike Shop also offers hourly and daily rentals to suit whatever adventures you have planned.

Cycling is just one of the many ways to enjoy the beautiful Napa Valley. We’d love to help you include this healthy, earth-friendly mode of transportation to your stay with us. And there’s nothing like our breakfasts to fuel you for the road ahead! Book a room and see why we are the very best in Napa Valley!

Come for the Wine, Stay for the Golf in Napa Valley

When people think of Napa Valley, they think of wineries, wine tours, wine trains, wine tastings–everything wine. But what do you do when you’re not sipping on our finest libations? One answer for many of our guests is golfing. Napa Valley and its surrounding countryside is the perfect backdrop for a round or two of golf. Explore these courses and see which one fits you best!

A man swings a golf club on a bright green, under a sky of scattered clouds.

  • Oakmont Golf Club in Santa Rosa–This club has two offerings, and both are 18-hole options–Oakmont East and Oakmont West. The walkable West Course starts with 9 smaller greens and ends with 9 longer, more scenic greens. The East Course is more challenging and features many bunkers, trees, and water hazards. At 30 minutes from our Inns, it’s a great place that will suit any golfer.
  • Bennett Valley Golf Course in Santa Rosa–This course boasts a very natural setting, with plenty of trees and a creek that runs throughout the course. Come see why it was voted “Best Golf Course” by the readers of The Press Democrat of Sonoma County in 2019. Another perk is that it’s a mere 30+ minutes from our Inn.
  • Hidden Valley Lake Golf Course in Hidden Valley Lake–This course has a nice, level first nine and a hilly, tree-dotted back nine. The views of Mt. St. Helena are spectacular, and the two acres of ponds and water hazards make this course a hidden gem of northern California golfing. Heading north, this course is about 40 minutes from the Inn, but well worth the drive.
  • Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park in Healdsburg–This 9-hole course is the oldest course in the area and is surrounded by a view of the valley, stately oak trees, and Fitch Mountain. The club has undergone many renovations and is looking better than ever. The 40 minute drive makes this historic club the perfect destination for a day trip.

Napa Valley and the surrounding area are truly a golf-lovers delight. Book a stay at Wine Way Inn or Craftsman Inn, and see why so many folks start their golfing getaway with us!