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Top 5 Biking Trails Near Calistoga CA

If you’re looking to embark on the mountain bike ride of your life, cruise roadside in the Napa Valley. If you prefer, you may also take it slow as you bike between wineries. For any level, we have collected a comprehensive list of the top 5 biking trails near Calistoga, CA. Located in northern Napa Valley, Calistoga is known for its easygoing vibe and ideal proximity to nearby state parks and wine country. Cruise through your trip or squeeze in a workout or two before wine tastings. Whatever your plans, Wine Way Inn will be the perfect rest stop after a day of scenic exploration via bike.

You’ll work up an appetite after biking, so be sure to fill up with a delicious breakfast from Calistoga Roastery. The guests that book direct with us will receive a breakfast voucher. Happy trails!


A couple is biking on a paved path by a vineyard at sunset

Napa Valley Vine Trail

12.5 miles | Difficulty: Easy

The Napa Valley Vine Trail is the perfect stretch of paved pathways. It meanders between Napa and Yountville, two of Calistoga’s neighboring towns. This trail is currently 12.5 miles long, with plans of turning into a 47-mile path linking Napa to Calistoga. Expect to bike alongside the Napa River, share the trail with dog walkers and joggers, and admire nearby vineyards along the way!

Franz Valley Loop

19.8 miles | Difficulty: Moderate

By embarking on the Franz Valley Loop, you, as a rider, will open yourself up to experiencing more remote views through the countryside. Breeze past expansive Californian properties, lush forests, and a few babbling creeks on this road biking trail. You can even make a pit stop at Old Faithful Geyser of California as you ride back into Calistoga.

Silverado Trail

27 miles | Difficulty: Moderate

The Silverado Trail is the epitome of the Napa Valley wine routes. It grants you access to the many crossroads that take you from one winery to the next. Although this road is mostly used by motorists traveling between Calistoga and Napa Valley, you can undoubtedly expect to ride along with other visitors storming the trail via bicycle. We recommend checking out Ladera Vineyards or Paoletti Estates Winery, both just outside Calistoga along this route.

Diamond Mountain Road

3.1 miles | Difficulty: Moderate

This fully shaded, redwood forest-esque road biking trail will take your breath away from the incline and the spectacular views. This lightly trafficked climb concludes with a picture-perfect view of Mount St. Helena and a breezy coast back downhill through the woodland. Finish your ride visiting Joseph Cellars Winery for a private tasting.

Oat Hill Mine Trail

14.1 miles | Difficulty: Hard

The most advanced trail on our list, this 14.1-mile, out-and-back ride will have you working up an appetite and craving a few glasses of wine afterward. With an elevation gain of around 2,400 feet, this popular mountain bike trail will work its way through fields of wildflowers and oak tree forests. It is an excellent trail for adventurers looking to push their limits while experiencing some of the best views Robert Lewison State Park has to offer.


If you are looking to branch out and learn more about what routes to take in and around Wine Country, Calistoga Bikeshop is a fabulous resource for rentals and route recommendations. Their Local Ride Information page has a long list of loops with insight on elevation gain, mileage, and maps to follow as well. We know you’ll be tired after a day of fun on the trails, so arrange accommodation with Wine Way Inn. We will be waiting for you as you conclude your bike ride pilgrimage!


Published July 2023

3 Top Trails for Hiking in Calistoga CA

Are you ready to take a hike? We’ve put together a list of 3 top trails for hiking in Calistoga, CA. Fancy equipment is not necessary to go for a walk or a hike. A sturdy pair of shoes or boots are all you need to get outside and move through the meadows and forests. Grab a water bottle for the first hike, or consider a day pack with snacks and hydration for the longer walks! Our list reveals some of the highlights of Calistoga area hikes giving the opportunity to enjoy local flora and fauna, scenery, and peaks. While far from comprehensive, this list shares some of our favorites. We hope it whets your appetite for many more future trips.

The Petrified Forest

Mild to moderate terrain

The Petrified Forest has two trails: the main and the meadow. The main trail is a loop, and the meadow trail is out and back.  Each is about half a mile long. The trails are uneven, so watch out for loose rocks and roots. At the end of the meadow trail, views of Mt. Saint Helena fill the scenery. You’ll get to see examples of petrified redwood trees. The volcano’s eruption started the process of the petrification of the trees. They’re open every day from 9 to 5, and admission is $12 per person.

The History and Vineyard Trails

Moderate because of longer trails

Within Bothe Napa-Valley State Park there are several paths. The History Trail is marked as an easy walk and gives you a look at some of the area’s history.  The trail begins with a pioneer cemetery. A step up is the Vineyard Trail. As the site mentions, people often choose this trail for the scenery and a place to jog or run. Several more courses throughout the state park cater to the outdoor spirit. The Ritchey Canyon trail is one of the longest; you’ll get an 8-mile hike following this footpath. A map of the park’s trails is available for your convenience.

A view of Mt. Saint Helena from the Napa Valley

The Stevenson Memorial Trail

Moderate to challenging 10-mile hike

Can we have a favorite? This trail, in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, is absolutely exhilarating. Take this hike on cooler days, for some exposed patches along the way would have you hoping for shade. The author of Treasure Island also wrote about his honeymoon detailing this hike in Silverado Squatters. In 1880, Stevenson and his wife hiked these same areas, and you’ll find the Stevenson Memorial a little over a half mile in.

There are switchbacks on this hike to help preserve the path, and we encourage you to avoid the shortcuts people have added. These shortcuts only encourage erosion of the soil and rocks. Close to a mile in, the trail comes to a “T” with the Mount St. Helena trail. Turn left, and you will be rewarded with the summit climb. Enjoy views of Lake Berryessa, North and South Peaks, Mount Diablo, glimpses of San Francisco, and much more. This hike will fill you with inspiration and a great day of exercise.


After reading our top 3 hiking trails in Calistoga, CA, you’ll be packing those socks and boots for the trip! While it didn’t make it to our list, we need to mention an extreme hiking trail.  We know some of you are thrill seekers! The Palisades Trail fills the need for a challenge.

No matter what hike you choose, you know we’ll have your room ready for a good night’s sleep after a bath! The fresh, clear air will fill the lungs and prepare you for sweet dreams during your next stay at the Calistoga Wine Way Inn or Craftsman Inn.


Publishing October 2022

2020 Napa Valley Marathon in Calistoga, CA

Run. Sip. Savor.

It’s that time of year! The Napa Valley Marathon and Half Marathon are coming to Calistoga this spring, and you won’t want to miss your chance to enjoy luxury accommodations while you pursue running excellence. Whether this is your first long-distance run or you are an accomplished marathoner, the Napa Valley Race is a one-of-a-kind way to earn that coveted 26.2 sticker. The race follows along the Silverado Trail and is world-renowned for good reason – you will pass by some of the most beautiful countrysides in the United States. Your running spirit will stay high with scenic vineyards, time-worn farmhouses, and the unmatched Napa Valley air lightening each step.

Race InformationA paved road running alongside a vineyard while the sun rises behind.

The race begins at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 1, 2020. With a net downhill of about 250 feet, this race is ideal for those wishing to qualify for the Boston Marathon in April. Though many experienced runners participate, this race is welcoming to runners of all skill levels, including those who prefer a half marathon or a 5K.

The race itself has twelve aid stations along the full marathon route, with water and Nunn readily available as you progress. Both the women’s and men’s winners (and in both the full and half-marathon) will receive an etched double magnum as well as a Napa Valley Collective case, which is a 12-bottle selection of the finest wines in the valley. Not quite fast enough to come in first place? You can still enjoy champagne to celebrate your accomplishment back in your room or on our multi-level redwood deck.

The Luxury Accommodations Every Runner Deserves

No matter your race length, the Calistoga Wine Way Inn and Craftsman Inn are the right place to lace up the night before and an even better place to celebrate after. Of course, if you’re here to cheer on your runner and aren’t racing yourself, there’s no better place to sip a glass of local wine and unwind while you hear all about the beautiful memories they made on their run.  Finally, take a much-deserved rest as you tuck in between your sheets, with no concerns for the bustle and crowds at other, less intimate lodgings. Book your stay with us now for this exciting race!

Outside view of the patio with two red wine glasses on patio table from the Spring room at the Craftsman Inn in Calistoga, CA; Wine Country, Napa Valley

Top 6 Places to Mountain Bike in Napa Valley For All Skill Levels

Whether you’re an avid mountain biker or you consider yourself a beginner who just wants a unique way to explore the Napa Valley area, there’s a path for you in this beautiful region. Mountain vistas, river valley views, and wildlife sightings await you on these scenic singletracks. Keep in mind that many of these trails are shared with hikers and equestrians, so stay alert during your ride.
A black mountain bike parked along a golden field.

  • Skyline Wilderness ParkThis park offers seven different mountain biking trails ranging from intermediate to advanced skill level. The shortest is a mere half-mile, while the longest is four miles.
  • Lynch Canyon and Newell Open Spaces: Enjoy a quick, easy ride on Lynch Road or delve deeper into the open space by traveling through the Lynch Canyon Loop and onto the Prairie Ridge Trail for extra difficulty.
  • Moore Creek ParkThe scenery and wildlife take center stage at this beautiful park that offers several miles of singletrack on the Moore Creek Trail, Valentine Vista Trail, and Chiles Creek Trail.
  • Oat Hill Mine TrailThis much-loved trail is in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park and is a 16.6-mile out-and-back trail. Challenging terrain and technical rocky climbs make this a fun ride for advanced riders.
  • Las Posadas Forest: Take the 3.5-mile short loop trail for an intermediate experience. The path is well-shaded, making this a great trip for a warm, sunny day.
  • Annadel State ParkThis park has a lot to offer to mountain bikers. All ranges of skills and abilities will find an enjoyable ride here. For an easy path, try the Warren Richardson Trail. For a longer, more challenging, technical ride, try the Great Big Annadel Loop which clocks in at 22.7 miles.

Local Bike Shops You’ll Want to Visit

If you need to rent your bike and gear or need any other assistance, we recommend these local shops:

Check out Calistoga Bike Shop’s guided tours if you’re wanting expert-level mountain biking guidance and easy trail-side repairs. Also, make sure to read our other post about the best ways to explore Napa Valley by bike. We love hosting you for whatever outdoor adventures you plan to have. Our gourmet breakfasts will power you for the road ahead, and there’s just nothing quite like coming back to our inn and our comfortable, cozy rooms after a day of shredding. Book your stay today to see all that the beautiful Napa Valley has to offer!

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